Chocolate, beer, frites, and waffles.

Those are the the four recommendations I get every time I tell someone I’m going to Belgium for the summer. (And sometimes mannekin pis.)

I’ll let my blog evolve into a travel photo blog for a few months while I’m there. I’m throwing myself into this experience with minimal planning and lots of ideas… I’m excited!


Things I do know – I do have flights to and from home booked. (Step one.) I’ll be working with an environmental policy org in Brussels. I will at least see Italy, France, and the Netherlands this summer. And I expect rain.

I don’t know where I’m living, or whether my French is enough to get by. I don’t know what I’ll be eating, what bus I’ll take to work, or what to do about a phone. I don’t know if I’ll be dressed right for my job, and what I’ll miss from home.

But I’m lucky because I know someone in the city, and because I don’t know if I’ll ever have this chance again. I’ll be laughing at these questions in six weeks, right?

Have a lovely summer New England, I’ll miss you!


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