Day Twenty Three: GATSBY.

But really. GATSBY.

It’s a small miracle that it’s still playing over here, I feel like it came out ages ago. My roommates and I went to see it after I got out of work Monday. I have no problem admitting my love for everything Leonardo DiCaprio does. Inception! Shutter Island! The Departed! Blood Diamond! Romeo and Juliet (also Baz Luhrmann) is one of my top three favorite movies. (Note: I have not seen the Beach or Django Unchained yet, and once was enough for the Titanic because movie rocked my eleven-year-old world.)

I loved Gatsby for everything it made me think and feel, besides being stunningly designed. And the soundtrack! I have always loved Fitzgerald’s story, but Leo brought Gatsby’s desperate infatuation to life for me. Definitely a movie I want to own.

The theatre itself was very similar to those back home, but there were a few slight differences that I noticed. No announcements about smoking, texting, or where the exits were. Unbelievably comfortable seats that were better designed for napping than movie watching. And of course, the subtitles in French and Dutch (you know you’re in Brussels when…).

Afterwards we got ice cream  ‘à emporter’ at Haagen Daazs where A works, and I just had to try Belgian chocolate. They also have a Creme Brulee flavor that doesn’t stand a chance next time I visit her at work. Thanks lady!

(PS. I didn’t post on time yesterday because of crazy deadlines and being the last person to leave the office. And I’m happy to say it wasn’t that I was stressed about deadlines, but it was because I genuinely love what I do here and I didn’t mind staying late to finish. Besides no one eats dinner until late anyway, ha.)

I don’t have movie theatre pictures so here is a completely unrelated photo of my lovely puppy after her summer haircut. She’s the best. 🙂

my pretty precious girl.

my pretty precious girl.


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