Days Twenty Four & Twenty Five: Funemployment

Not here! I didn’t lose my job. I’m okay, mom.  🙂

I’ve started to give more serious thought to what’s going to happen after I leave Europe. Part of me wishes I didn’t have to, but I know that come August so many things are going to change that it won’t be the same anyway. Everyone will be on holiday or going home, my apartment will no longer be my apartment, and whatever warm days we’ve been having (75! yess!) will be over. Maybe I’ll come back someday but I understand that this fall is probably not that time.

So back on the job hunt it is! There isn’t so much out there now as there was in the spring, but I’m trying to be creative and find new avenues and organizations. There are a few consulting firms I have my eye on, but I think policy analysis or something in the environmental-policy-economy mix is where I will be firmly planted.

There are just so many being-an-adult things going through my head that my job and adjusting to another country have become easily the least of my worries. But enough of that!

Aside from job hunting, I spent Wednesday at my friend’s beauuuutiful apartment. Flat. Whatever. (I’m currently compiling a list of things I’m taking home with me, and I think the word flatmate sounds so much better than housemate. I’ll have to add it to the list.) And Tuesday was catching up with everyone and their mothers. KL, I think we Skyped for two hours? I’m okay with that.

Tonight I’m going to Place du Luxembourg – every Thursday, the hundreds of interns from the European Parliament get together in the plaza for happy hour. So excited!

I’ve been really bad at taking pictures and there’s only so many pictures of my dog I can share with you. Granted I have like, seven thousand of her, but that’s not why you’re here, yeah?

how about a little carlos sant-amsterdam?

how about a little carlos sant-amsterdam?


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