race point, provincetown, massachusetts.

april 2015 013 edited

april 2015 012 edited

Confession time: despite moving here more than a year ago, I hadn’t driven all the way up to Provincetown until last week. Oops. The only time I had been to the tip of Cape Cod was as a kid, when I had taken the boat from Boston with my family one summer. Memories are so weird. I remember exactly where the boat docked, which bench we sat on with our ice cream. But anyway, I digress.

I’ve heard incredible things about the beauty of Race Point, so I put it on my summer bucket list. I’m happy I checked it off so soon. The place was essentially empty. I don’t envy the people working there to prepare the beach for the summer since this winter kicked the poor Seashore around. It was a very where-the-heck-am-I feeling, the landscape is unlike any I’ve ever seen before. The range of colors on the dunes themselves was dreamy.

And then I got to the water.

april 2015 016 edited

april 2015 020 edited

I may need to print these out for my house (happily named the tide pool, by the way – every proper beach house needs a name, I think). I could look at these shades of blue all day.



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