oh my cod.

hello little blog, I have something to tell you.

It’s time to move again.

my second stint as a cape cod washashore is coming to a close.

I was really sad about goodbye, but it’s for the best reason of course. I’m marrying george! we’re going to have our own little home in a new little town, and we’ll be exploring new places and having new adventures.

I wanted to make a list of all the things I’m going to miss about the cape, the tide pool, and all, so I can come back when I’m 60 and drag my kids around to show them all the cool things their mom did in her 20s. HAH

  1. my people my people my people. the best part is I can always visit them and they can always visit me.
  2. my job! a lot! I’m really really going to miss that. I’ve always strongly identified with their mission of the organization, and our leadership is top-notch. my coworkers are just hilarious human beings. so I’m going to miss waking up and driving 4 miles down the road to our office. we accomplished a lot in the last 2.5 years, and i’m very proud of our team.
  3. my house! a lot! the tide pool even has its own location on instagram now. this place was a sanctuary to me. it was love at first sight, from the hardwood floors to the built in bookcases to the intensely floral wallpaper and odd kitchen setup. my landlords are the kindest, nicest people, and I hope they move down here full time and love the crap out of this old house. (200 years old!!) (edit: they are!!)
  4. I’ll miss living on the train tracks for the 3rd time. especially when landscaping trucks fly over it, I hear their equipment go EVERYWHERE, and they have to walk of shame it back to the train station to collect it. I laugh internally every time.
  5. I might even miss the peacocks that live a block away. their vocalizations are like a hybrid of a dying cat and a really angry duck, and it scared the crap out of me when I first heard it. also similar to that skittles commercial with the singing rabbit, just less musically inclined. sorry, birds.
  6. I’ll miss being the north pole at christmas, as annoying as the slow train/extra honks could be at night. my station was always dressed up in hundreds of twinkly lights and WB turned into santa’s workshop for the weeks leading up to christmas. it was magical to come home to at night, and made for a great friendsgiving when we decided to, uh, visit santa.
  7. i don’t have to miss this, but I’m grateful cape cod got me back into the painting groove. I took a wonderful class in acrylics at the art association, and my art supplies box is almost fully stocked. the only thing left is an easel!
  8. ice cream all the timmmme! seriously, living in vacation paradise means more ice cream choices than one really needs full time, and I took advantage. my #1 favorite is cape cod mud at Katie’s ice cream… cape cod creamery and ice cream sandwich are up there too. four seas, alright, I can’t leave you off the list. and having smitty’s 2 doors down from work made for some great breaks from the office.
  9. how can I not mention the beach? when I lived in woods hole I discovered the knob in falmouth, it will always be my happy place. there was the time I woke up from a sun nap with a bathing-suit-less 1-yr-old staring inches away from my face. his mom told me he thought I looked pretty, bahaha. then the time I brought brandy pants, and she followed me right into the water probably because she knows I’m a terrible swimmer. my local favorite beach is dowses and it’s small and quiet and if you can get there before 9am on the summer weekends it has everything you need.
  10. totally underrated thrifting/estate sales/garage sales! i’ve got a full house of furniture now 1/2 thanks to yard sale sundays.
  11. cape cod also has a really rich history that I studied and researched as part of my job. I can talk about indian trails and pilgrims and whaling and meeting houses for hours. sorry not sorry if you’ve ever had to listen to me repeat the route 6 history 10x in my car.
  12. the sense of community here is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. everyone knows everyone, sure, but there’s also a strong entrepreneurial spirit that’s not widely associated with the cape. CCYP, love live local, farm share summers, and small businesses across the cape really changed how I interact with and identify with my community, and I hope to take that spirit with me.
  13. I’ll miss just how green this place is in spring and summer. the tall maple and pine trees and the marshes with their reeds and lilacs and rhododendrons and hydrangeas for days. cape cod summer has a very particular smell to me, and it might actually be what heaven smells like.
  14. did I mention how much I love my people? thank you to my adopted family especially. ❤

I love you capey coddy and I can’t wait to come back and visit all the time. you’ve been the best and you really feel like home. but it’s time for a new adventure with my #1 teammate. anchors aweigh, here we go!

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