volunteers on fairfield beach road, fairfield, connecticut.

volunteers on fairfield beach road, fairfield, connecticut. Eight hundred volunteers converged on the beach at fairfield to help local residents return to some sense of normalcy. volunteers at this home dug through piles of sand, which was returned to the beach nearby in order to improve storm surge protection in the future.

condemned beach house, fairfield, connecticut.

condemned beach house, fairfield, connecticut. following hurricane sandy, many houses along fairfield beach road were condemned, whether they were structurally unsound or too dangerous to inhabit because of sewer, power, or gas line issues. hundreds of fairfield university students and residents were displaced following the storm.

view from the point, fairfield, connecticut.

view from the point, fairfield, connecticut. houses on the point were some of the most devastated by hurricane sandy. many are still boarded up or were condemned outright. volunteers helped remove furniture, belongings, and carpeting from the houses this past weekend, but it will take many months before these homes are inhabitable again. (CLICK TO ENLARGE.)

fairfield beach after hurricane sandy, fairfield, connecticut.

fairfield beach after hurricane sandy, fairfield, connecticut. on november 11, 2012, over 800 volunteers met at jennings beach to help fairfield residents with cleanup after hurricane sandy. one house i worked on was digging out from under a foot of sand, and returning it to the beach.