race point, provincetown, massachusetts.

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Confession time: despite moving here more than a year ago, I hadn’t driven all the way up to Provincetown until last week. Oops. The only time I had been to the tip of Cape Cod was as a kid, when I had taken the boat from Boston with my family one summer. Memories are so weird. I remember exactly where the boat docked, which bench we sat on with our ice cream. But anyway, I digress.

I’ve heard incredible things about the beauty of Race Point, so I put it on my summer bucket list. I’m happy I checked it off so soon. The place was essentially empty. I don’t envy the people working there to prepare the beach for the summer since this winter kicked the poor Seashore around. It was a very where-the-heck-am-I feeling, the landscape is unlike any I’ve ever seen before. The range of colors on the dunes themselves was dreamy.

And then I got to the water.

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I may need to print these out for my house (happily named the tide pool, by the way – every proper beach house needs a name, I think). I could look at these shades of blue all day.



sea ice, wellfleet, massachusetts.

well HELLO little blog world. cape cod’s been in the news this week for this ‘once in a generation’ event – icebergs!

so I went iceberg-hunting after work. (click any of the images to expand.)







it took me a few attempts to find them – i started at marconi beach, then i realized the atlantic side definitely wouldn’t have any.

i still love these pictures though – cape cod national seashore makes you feel like the whole world is stretched in front of you when you’re on the cliff.


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i also saw brewster in the news for the icebergs, but by the time i reached breakwater beach it was all melted (SPRING PLEASE NOW).

and to hint at what cape cod winter looked like last month – my little corner of the world:



japanese shore crab, groton, connecticut.


japanese shore crab, groton, connecticut. these crabs are an invasive species in long island sound, as they compete with native crabs for food and habitat. they look similar to the green crab, but they have three spines per side of their carapace rather than five. if i knew they were my direct competition for mussels and steamers he probably wouldn’t have made it back to the tidepool! (but there was a smiling face on his shell, so he won points for that)