Brussels Bucket List

Brussels Bucket List: Summer 2013 edition

Bia Mara Fish and Chips

Try at least five Belgian beers (so far Leffe, Blanche, Chimay, and Maredsous – licensed by monks! The grand finale was a Grimbergen on my last night, thanks to a kind and unsuspecting roommate.)

Snag a table for outdoor dining in Place du Luxembourg, minus the smoking

Brewery tour

Zinneke pis

Guinness at Michael Collins, Ave Louise

Natural History museum (dinosaurs!)

Parc du Cinquantenaire museum (blog post TBD)

Eat Congolese food in Matongé, the African quarter

Palais de Justice (can I get in? not sure. currently covered in scaffolding.)

Vintage market at Place du jeu de Balle

Picnic in Parc du Cinquentenaire

Chaochow City, cheap Chinese food

Buy yourself a pair of shoes, girl. Italy, you are too good to me.

Intern social at Place de Luxembourg, Thursdays

The Atomium

Non-touristy waffles. And more of the touristy kind too.

Photograph all the graffiti pencils I can find

Museum of Musical Instruments

Go to the beach. Any beach. Three tons of sand being dumped in the city center counts. [I still want to go to Brussels Bad, but the Italy beach day definitely counted.]


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